Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mark Lamprell's The Full Ridiculous

This is a rather lightweight but delightfully comic novel, written with loads of charm and verve. It won't take you long to read.

The hyper-dramatic story line is mainly about parenting: the teenage kids are under the impression that the family is 'disintegrating' and in 'chaos'. All rubbish of course.

In fact the family is loving and rock solid. The two kids are completely normal. It's the father who's panicky, lame and out of touch with reality. It's the year he 'falls apart' after being run over and slightly injured.

He needs to get a grip. At one point he accurately reflects on his mental state:  'why can't you calm down and stop catastrophising?' and later: 'You're an anxiety-ridden-self-indulgent-useless-no-good-piece-of-worthless-shit-weak-as-piss--pussy'. Exactly.

But one deliciously drawn dopey police constable has a nasty habit of sticking his beak into the family's affairs and makes their life hell.

It's an easy read and to be recommended if you're looking for a bit of a tonic.

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