Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why do they shoot the crocodile. Part 2.

Is it maybe an expression of humankind's primitive and deeply rooted need for vengeance....a bloodlust that the march of civilisation over thousands of years has not abated?

Is it a simply a manifestation of our continuing war against nature and other species? Humans expressing their superiority? Like we do with the planet generally?

Is it an ancient primordial grievance, an outpouring of anger that we evolved from such beasts?


  1. What I would like to know is - how do they know they shot THE crocodile. Or is it just 'any one will do?'.

    Also, if the victim is injured but doesn't die, to they kill it still? That's more than an eye for an eye, however messed up that logic is.

    I'm sure if we could 'kill' bushfires or hurricanes after the fact we would.

  2. We should have celebrated the crocodile for cleaning out the lower end of the gene pool