Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why do they shoot the crocodile?

Someone out there, one of my thousands of readers, must know the answer to this. It's not a new question. Why do they shoot the crocodile?

Yesterday a young man in the Northern Territory, ignoring the warnings of his family and friends, attempted to swim across a river to get to his home on the other side. The river was well known for being croc infested.

A passing croc, obviously hungry, did what crocs tend to do and pursued the man for dinner. Successfully.

Today the police shot the croc, and looking slick in their uniforms with their shiny guns, triumphantly announced it to the press.

Did they shoot the magnificent beast, going about its natural business, because it broke the law of the land, which as everyone knows outlaws murder? Did they shoot it because it now, as they say, 'has a taste for human flesh' and might kill again? Did they shoot it to teach a lesson to all other crocs who might be tempted to imitate this wayward one?

Honestly, I don't know. Please enlighten me.

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